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1. Building R-based data editing systems: a practical case from Statistics Netherlands
     Mark VAN DER LOO, Statistics Netherlands

PDF presentation

2. sparkTable: Generating Graphical Tables for Websites and Documents with R
     Bernhard MEINDL, Statistics Austria
     Alexander KOWARIK, Vienna University of Technology
     Matthias TEMPL, Statistics Austria and Vienna University of Technology

PDF presentation

3. A comparative study of complex survey estimation software in ONS: R vs SAS
     Andy FALLOWS, Office for National Statistics - United Kingdom
     Megan POPE, Office for National Statistics - United Kingdom
     Jonathan DIGBY-NORTH, Office for National Statistics - United Kingdom
     Gary BROWN, Office for National Statistics - United Kingdom
     Daniel LEWIS, Office for National Statistics - United Kingdom

PDF presentation

4. Integration and imputation of survey data in R: the StatMatch package
     Marcello D'ORAZIO, Italian National Statistical Institute - Istat
Paper: ...link
PDF presentation

5. Simulation studies for small area estimation
     Jan SEGER, Universität Trier, Germany

PDF presentation

6. Variance Estimation Using Package vardpoor in R
     Juris BREIDAKS, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Paper: ...link
PDF presentation

7. Usage of R in defining labour market areas
     Pawel STOPINSKI, Statistical Office in Bydgoszcz, Poland
Paper: ...link
PDF presentation

8. Calibration Approach in Surveys with Nonresponse using R software
     Marcin SZYMKOWIAK, Center of Small Area Estimation - Statistical Office in Poznan, Poland

PDF presentation

9. The Power of Lotka's Law Through the Eyes of R
     Alon FRIEDMAN, School of Information, University of South Florida, USA
Paper: ...link
PDF presentation