Jaap Walhout

Fast & efficient data manipulation with data.table
Jaap Walhout, Statistics Netherlands
PDF presentation

Martijn Tennekes

Plotting spatial data in R
Martijn Tennekes, Statistics Netherlands

Edwin J. and Mark L.

So your Data is Tidy. But is it Clean?
Edwin de Jonge and Mark van der Loo, Statistics Netherlands
PDF presentation
PDF presentation
PDF presentation

Egge-Jan P. and Willy T.

Spatial Analysis in R with Open Geodata
Egge-Jan Pollé and Willy Tadema, Tensing GIS Consultants, Provincie Groningen
PDF presentation

Giulio Barcaroli

Use of R package SamplingStrata for the Optimal Stratification of Sampling Frames for Multipurpose Sampling Surveys
Giulio Barcaroli, ISTAT, Italy
PDF presentation


Thomas Lo Russo

A Corporate Design Toolbox for R
Thomas Lo Russo, Statistical Office of the Canton of Zurich
PDF presentation

Kazuhiro Minami and Yutaka Abe

A First Step towards Statistical Disclosure Control on Multiple Tables Under the Presence of Differential Attacks
Kazuhiro Minami and Yutaka Abe, Institute of Statistical Mathematics / National Statistics Center, National Statistics Center
PDF presentation

Romain Lesur

Alternative to LaTeX for high quality report generation with rmarkdown
Romain Lesur, Ministère de la Justice
PDF presentation

Matthias Gomolka

An internal package for automated metadata documentation
Matthias Gomolka, Deutsche Bundesbank
PDF presentation

Manolo Malaver-Vojvodic

Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI) Dashboard built using R Shiny
Manolo Malaver-Vojvodic, Statistics Canada
PDF presentation

Erik Bülow

coder: An R-package for fast classification of item data into groups
Erik Bülow, The Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register, Department of Orthopaedics, Institute of clinical sciences at the Sahlgrenska academy of University of Gothenburg, Sweden
PDF presentation

Atanaska Nikolova

Combining JDemetra+ and R for Analysing and Visualising Time Series in Official Statistics
Atanaska Nikolova, Office for National Statistics
PDF presentation

Kazumi W., Mariko K. and Hiroe T.

Comparison of multivariate outlier detection methods for nearly elliptically distributed data
Kazumi Wada, Mariko Kawano and Hiroe Tsubaki, National Statistics Center
PDF presentation

Matjaž Jeran

Easily translatable Shiny applications
Matjaž Jeran, Bank of Slovenia
PDF presentation

Edwin de Jonge

Errorlocate: finding errors in data
Edwin de Jonge, Statistics Netherlands
PDF presentation

Tobias Göllner and Johannes Klotz

Estimating Differential Mortality from EU-SILC UDB Longitudinal Data
Tobias Göllner and Johannes Klotz, Statistics Austria
PDF presentation

Konstantinos Soulanis

Evaluation of estimation methods for a new survey of the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) using R
Konstantinos Soulanis, Office for National Statistics
PDF presentation

Hanjo Odenaal

Evidence for the use of alternative data sources to track consumer and business confidence within emerging markets using sentiment based techniques
Hanjo Odenaal, Bureau of Economic Research of South Africa
PDF presentation

Bernhard Meindl and Alexander Kowarik

Experiences in the migration to RStudio-Server in Statistics Austria
Bernhard Meindl and Alexander Kowarik, Statistics Austria
PDF presentation

Nicoleta C., Ana-Maria C. and Raluca D.

From challenges to opportunities: The Romanian Case of Use R in Official Statistics
Nicoleta Caragea, Ana-Maria Ciuhu and Raluca Mariana Dragoescu, National Institute of Statistics, Ecological University of Bucharest, Institute of National Economy, Romanian Academy
PDF presentation

Aoife O’Neill

How R is improving the dissemination of statistics within the Department for Work and Pensions
Aoife O’Neill, Department for Work and Pensions
PDF presentation

Victoria Avila

How the Scotish Government is moving towards R
Victoria Avila, National Records of Scotland
PDF presentation

Peter Tibert Stoltze

Introducing R at Statistics Denmark – a not entirely completed how-to
Peter Tibert Stoltze, Statistics Denmark
PDF presentation

Sami Diaf

Investigating Chaos in Time Series: Evidence from the Cryptocurrency Market
Sami Diaf, Information Systems and Machine Learning Lab (ISMLL), Universität Hildesheim
PDF presentation

Yutaka A., Kiyomi S. and Hitotsubashi Ryota C.

Optimal Boundary Value for Creating Anonymized Microdata: Empirical Analysis based on Economic Survey Data
Yutaka Abe, Kiyomi Shirakawa and Hitotsubashi Ryota Chiba, Hitotsubashi University / National Statistics Center, Hitotsubashi University, National Statistics Center
PDF presentation

Yukako T., Shinya I. and Mika S.-I.

Overlapping classification for autocoding system
Yukako Toko, Shinya Iijima and Mika Sato-Ilic, Hitotsubashi University / National Statistics Center, National Statistics Center, Research and Development Division, Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems, University of Tsukuba
PDF presentation

Bogdan O., David S., Luis S., and Ciprian A.

pestim - an R package to compute population estimations using mobile phone data
Bogdan Oancea, David Salgado, Luis Sanguiao, and Antoniade Ciprian Alexandru, University of Bucharest and National Statistics Institute of Romania, Dept. Methodology and Development of Statistical Production, INE, Ecological University of Bucharest and National Statistics Institute of Romania
PDF presentation

Susie Fortier and Steven Thomas

(R)evolution of generalized systems and statistical tools at Statistics Canada
Susie Fortier and Steven Thomas, Statistics Canada
PDF presentation

Elisa E., Soledad S. and David S.

SelEdit… - a collection of R packages to implement some optimization-based selective editing techniques
Elisa Esteban, Soledad Saldaña and David Salgado, Dept. Methodology and Development of Statistical Production, INE
PDF presentation

Brandon Kopp

The Use of R Shiny at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Brandon Kopp, Department for Work and Pensions, USA
PDF presentation

Pedro S., Conceição F., Inês R. and Pedro C.

Two main uses of R in Statistics Portugal: sampling and confidentiality
Pedro Sousa, Conceição Ferreira, Inês Rodrigues and Pedro Campos, Statistical Methods Unit, Statistics Portugal
PDF presentation

Matt Mayhew

Using R for analysis and production of Price Indices for the Production and Services sector of the economy
Matt Mayhew, Office for National Statistics, UK
PDF presentation

Eleanor L., Vahé N. and Ria S.

Using R for variance estimation in social surveys
Eleanor Law, Vahé Nafilyan and Ria Sanderson, Office for National Statistics
PDF presentation

Oscar de León

Using R to access official data from the Guatemalan National Institute of Statistics
Oscar de León, Centro de Estudios en Salud, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
PDF presentation

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