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Our Team


Nicoleta Caragea is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Ecological University of Bucharest and senior expert at the National Institute of Statistics.
The Ph.D. in Economics was obtained under aegis of the Romanian Academy, Institute of National Economy.
Teaching activity is focused mainly in the field of statistics, through courses and seminars and master degree programs (statistics, economic statistics, social statistics, economic and financial analysis).
She participated as a national expert in various projects, workshops and conferences organized by prestigious international institutions with statistics activity (EUROSTAT, OECD, WHO, World Bank, UNICEF-UIS).
The results of her research activity have been published in many prestigious journals in the Romania and abroad (Romanian Journal of Economics, Romanian Statistical, Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research) and registered in international databases (ISI Thomson Reuters , RePEc, DOAJ, Index Copernicus and so on).

Ana Maria Dobre is Ph.D. candidate of Romanian Academy. Also, is an expert at the General Department of Demography and Social Statistics, National Institute of Statistics and research assistant at the Institute of National Economy, Romanian Academy. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Bucharest University of Economic Studies and Master programme in Business Communication at the same faculty. She was involved in the development of studies on international migration within which was implemented the use of R. Currently she uses R in other analyses in social statistics.

Ciprian Alexandru is an Associate Professor at the Ecological University of Bucharest and Dean of the Faculty of Economics. On the capital market in Romania he is authorized as an investment consultant. The Ph.D. in Economics was obtained under aegis of the Romanian Academy, National Institute of Economic Research. His teaching activity focuses mainly on the stock exchanges, courses and seminars at undergraduate and master programs (Capital Markets, Portfolio Management, and International Capital Markets). He participated in various research projects, workshops, national and international conferences. His research activity was commissioned in value by publishing studies in journals in Romania and in Europe, as well as in international databases (RePEc, DOAJ, EBSCO). Currently he is attending a postdoctoral program that implemented the use of R as a tool for analyzing the evolution indices on the stock market.

Adrian Dusa is a Professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Bucharest, where he teaches social statistics, descriptive and inferential statistics. He earned his PhD in the same institution, where he also graduated his BA and MA.
He is also the Director of the RODA - Romanian Social Data Archive, a research center within the University of Bucharest, through which he has conducted research project with both national and international funding, from EU's seventh framework programme FP7. Representative of the Romanian data archive in the CESSDA - Council of European Social Science Data Archives, he was elected as a member in the Executive Board of this organization, and since 2011 he was also elected as the Chair of the SCI - Social and Cultural Innovation working group of the ESFRI - European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures.
Interested in the social science research methodology, he published articles in international, peer reviewed journals with ISI impact factors, and recently he has also co-authored a book published at Springer. He uses R in all his analyses, and contributed two packages at CRAN - Comprehensive R Archive Network, dedicated to QCA - Qualitative Comparative Analysis.

Nicolae-Marius Jula is a Lecturer at Nicolae Titulescu University of Bucharest, Faculty of Economics. He obtained his Ph.D. in Economics under aegis of the Romanian Academy, Institute for Economic Forecasting, 2010. Academic courses include econometrics and econometric forecasting. He is a member of RSAI, ERSA, Econometric Society, founding member of the Quantitative Finance Association and founding member and vice-president of the Projects for Youth Association. His research includes participation in various projects, workshops, seminars and national and international conferences and he published several books (author or co-author) and articles in prestigious international journals (ISI Thomson Reuters, RePEc, DOAJ, Index Copernicus etc.)

Bogdan Oancea is a Professor at University of Bucharest. He also holds a position of counselor at the National Institute of Statistics. His teaching activity is focused mainly in the field of Computer Science, through courses and seminars at undergraduate and graduate programs. He is specialist is matrix computations and parallel computing, machine learning, data analysis, computational statistics, econometrics.
Bogdan Oancea acted as project manager and software developer, participating in various projects using Java, C, C++, MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, SQL, R, Hadoop, Hive, HiveQL, Pig, PigLatin.
He participated in numerous workshops and conferences organized by prestigious international institutions with statistics and IT activity; he is also member of the Eurostat Task Force on Big Data and UNECE's High Level Group project on Big Data. His research activity is focused on high performance computing and the results have been published in many prestigious journals in the Romania and abroad.

Dr. Elena Druica is a Full Professor of Economics with the Faculty of Business and Administration, University of Bucharest. She received an Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics from the University of Bucharest in 1994, a Diploma in Armonic Analysis in 1995, and a Master Degree in Financial and Risk Management in 2004. She earned a Ph.D. in Statistics and Probabilities from the Romanian Academy of Sciences in 2004, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Academy of Economics Studies n 2006.
In over 20 years of academic activity, Dr. Druica taught courses in the area of Statistics, Econometrics, Game and Decision Theory, and Behavioral Economics. Her research has focused on Applied Econometrics, Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Decision and Game Theory. She is the author of three books, co-author of two other books, the editor of two volumes, and co-author of five book chapters. Her works have appeared in Romania, Finland, Switzerland and the United States, under the guidance of prestigious publishers. Dr. Druica's research record also includes 28 papers and articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, 22 papers published in conference proceedings, and many presentations to prestigious international events.
Dr. Druica is a member of The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, and The Society for Computational Economics and Finance.